Learn to fly your Meridian, M500, Mirage, M350, Malibu, Matrix, ICON A5, Cirrus, or other airplane with an experienced, professional instructor.


I provide professional pilot services for the entire PA46 line of aircraft, the ICON A5, Cirrus SR22, and many more airplanes.


I provide access to a Piper Malibu cabin-class, pressurized airplane. This is not fractional ownership, and no long-term investment is required.

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Garmin GI 275 Finds a Home in the PA-46

September 1, 2020

Those of us with an analog attitude indicator in our PA-46 most likely have a KI 256. The Ki 256 developed a reputation over the years of wearing out – sometimes when you needed it most! This left many of us in an unenviable position. Either we swallow the hard financial pill of a full-glass […]

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Congrats to JJ on his first solo!

October 15, 2019

Congratulations to JJ on his first solo as a student pilot! JJ is working towards his private pilot certificate in a Cessna 172.

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Congratulations, Ryan!

August 9, 2019

Congratulations to my student, Ryan (right), who recently added an airplane – single engine sea class rating to his pilot certificate. Ryan is an experienced, instrument rated pilot who recently purchased an ICON A5. We finished off his ICON TXL (transition – land plane) course with his FAA checkride, and then spent the afternoon hopping […]

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